References and Words of Praise about John Kunkle:

"We had a great auction both silent and live, and you get much of the credit for ramping up the enthusiasm and creating a terrific atmosphere for bidding."

Joyce Brown, LABioMed Gala Committee Member

"I wanted to thank you so very much for your help Saturday night. You, as always, were a consummate professional and made the live auction go so smoothly. I loved the way you and the magician were able to work off one another, and I think a lot of our success is thanks to YOUR TALENT! You made a intricate and complicated night look simple! You are truly gifted with what you can do."

Sincerely & thankfully, Gretchen Lent

"We're all in recovery after the gala. It was a great event and I wanted to thank you for the significant role you played in elevating the mood, generating excitement and income. You are very skilled in your craft and you contributed greatly to the air of celebration. Thank you very much. We hope we will see you again next year."

Best wishes, Jennifer Laity

"You are an incredible auctioneer!!!! And I give you a lot of credit for the amazing success of this years auction....thank you for all of your help, effort, great advice...and of course great skill."

Margaret Waite, PV Jrs

LB's Grand Prix Charity Ball 2009 makes full-speed comeback:

"Dave Pasant was there with his wife, Jill, ready to support in the same spirit of years past. That means with big bucks! "I'm going to win the bid to race in the pro/celebrity race again this year - no matter what it takes!" Dave has already raced in the Pro/Celeb race four times, and his wife has raced once as well. During the live auction, he was true to his word. It was a bidding frenzy. Auctioneer John Kunkle raced across the room between Dave and a phone bid proxy (from Jerry Westlund) back and forth; even the audience was breathless with the energy! Finally, the phone bid dropped out of the contest. Another bidder - Jack Thacker - popped up. This took place somewhere around $63,000 and the bidding went back and forth again at a fevered pitch until the gavel finally dropped at $70,000! Dave Pasant will race again next year!"

Shirley Wild, Long Beach P-T

LONG BEACH, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--April 15, 1999-- A record-setting amount of $220,000 was bid at the annual Toyota Grand Prix Charity Ball for the chance to drive a race car in the Toyota Pro/Celebrity Race for the year 2000. The bid more than quadruples the amount donated for this year's charity auction seat. Jon Shirley of Seattle and Don Simons of Glendale, Calif. were the two bidders who both earned a seat in the race with bids of $110,000 each. Their bids shattered the 1999 charity auction winner amount of $53,500, prompting Toyota Motor Sales, Les Unger to announce to Auctioneer John Kunkle during the bidding that the auto manufacturer would donate two driver spots instead of only one if the bid amount passed the $100,000 plateau.

"It's for the kids!" admonished hyperkinetic auctioneer John Kunkle as he worked the crowd into a fever pitch at the Toyota Grand Prix Charity Ball, held Friday at the Westin Hotel. Overall, between live and silent auctions over $103,000 was raised to benefit ...

4/17/2010 By Shirley Wild, For the Press-Telegram

June 1995 - Thank you, thank you, thank you ... The first annual "Jewels of the Night" was a smashing success for the 49er Athletic Association. The positive comments included, "where did you get that auctioneer", and my reply was, "he's mine, and you can't have him."

You really gave your all for us. I appreciate your professionalism and especially your personality. I didn't know what to expect at certain points of the evening, and you handled the whole show. We raised over $55,000 and that is double what I thought we would do in our first year.

Dede Smith-Rossi, Long Beach State 49ers - June 1996

Because of you, "Jewels of the Night" is quickly becoming the social event of the year in Long Beach. People are feeling very good about Long Beach State Athletics, and you are a BIG part of that. Thank you for all you do for us.

Bill Shumard, Long Beach State 49ers - June 1997

Thank you, thank you and again thank you! What a great job you did with the 3rd annual Jewels of the Night auction. You were on fire that night!

We have raised approximately $90,000 for the Athletic Scholarship Program, the most we have raised ever!

Dede Smith-Rossi Long Beach State 49ers June 1998

Thank you once again for doing such a great job at Jewels of the Night. You're a wonderful auctioneer and you certainly raise a lot of money for our Student Athletic Scholarship Program.

The whole night was great. It started with the silent auction. There was much energy and your enthusiasm added to the bidding frenzy. We raised well over $100,000 this year. Each year gets better and that is because of you. I think you can even auction a bag of cheetos and be successful.

Dede Rossi, 49er Athletic Association - June 1999

Thank you for making our Jewels of the Night auction the best to date. We are all very pleased with the results.

I have been blessed to have people around me that really care about our program and want to see this auction be successful. Because of you, we feel like we have become, "an event".

On behalf of myself and our Jewels committee, thank you for helping us raise $130,000 for our Student-Athlete Scholarship Program.

Dede Rossi, 49er Athletic Association

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