About John Kunkle, Celebrity Auctioneer:

Selected for his outgoing personality and desire, it all started after graduating from what was then known as the world famous Missouri Auction School in June of 1979. Two weeks of instruction based out of the historic Kansas City Livestock Exchange Building provided John Kunkle with the knowledge and confidence to call bids for any kind of merchandise.

As an employee of the city of Long Beach, John Kunkle had become the "City's Auctioneer", conducting auction sales of surplus property that included just about anything that had tangible value. From the police department's recovered, unclaimed merchandise and their asset seizure property, to the city's transportation fleet including heavy equipment and rescue boats. All generating a consistent flow of surplus property that required the public offering to the highest bidder, mandated by city charter. The city of Long Beach towing operation also required the auction sale of hundreds of confiscated and abandoned cars through it's lien sales operation each and every week. Over the years, John mentored others to carry on the tradition of calling bids in the same fun, friendly and honest fashion while consistently exhibiting the highest level of integrity.

Sometime in 1981, John Kunkle was approached by a charity fundraiser volunteer with a plea for help. Their group raised money and awareness and provided shelter for the victims of domestic violence. As a young start up organization, they were about to hold their very important second annual gala charity ball auction and dreaded using the same auctioneer as the previous year. John Kunkle accepted the invitation and he's not been able to stop since.

In the years that followed, John Kunkle maintained his communication skills with voice over and radio commercial opportunities, calling antique auctions, classic car auctions, performing as master of ceremonies for beauty pageants, grand openings, announcing car racing events and parades and most recently, selected as auctioneer on "Container Wars", a TruTV series that premiered in January 2013. But charity/benefit fundraisers are where Auctioneer, John Kunkle has excelled and polished his craft. Rousing and urging Gala attendees to bid maximum money benefiting a worthy cause is what he's motivated to do with with each performance. As a result, his master of ceremonies and Auctioneer wizardry have been sought-after to assist countless causes, raise millions of dollars all over the Southern California region for over thirty years.

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